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 generator G250 And its updating, and also generators G266-271,272,286 Concern generators with electromagnetic excitation and the silicon diodes, mounted in the generator block. in these generators between two aluminium covers and by means of coupling screws the core is fixed, being  which For reduction Of heating by vortical currents type from the thin steel plates isolated from each other by a varnish. a surface has eighteen teeth on which it is strung eighteen coils of a windingcoils are distributed on three phases and included under the scheme "star", and in generator G286- under the scheme "triangle". in each phase it is included on consistently connected six coils. the ends of coils of phases are attached to three clips of the block of silicon diodes of the rectifier. all diodes are connected to connecting tyres.
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221,G250 271 The brush isolated from the case is connected by a conductor with clip other brush connected to the generator case. in generators 272,266 G286 Both brushes are isolated from the case and connected with clips .
For movement of air created  of a pulley.
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G250 (G250-1,-1,-1,-1, ..) Differ from each other pulleys. in generator G250-1 The fastening paw is displaced.
G286 Has a design similar to a design of generators G250,271,272,266, but it is more dimensions and weight. the winding  is connected under the scheme "triangle" that allows to reduce section of conductors of a winding and dimensions .
221,G250,(G250-1,-1,-1,-1),266,271,272 G286on state that 3940-71 For generatorsDesigned after january, 1st 1973, rated voltage accept 14 and 28
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generator g221 Consists of six diodes va-20, which (on three pieces) in a cover of the generator and a special plate-heat-conducting path (holder). diodes are issued in two executions with direct and return polarity. For difference Of diodes the bottom of the case of the diode of direct polarity is painted in red colour, and a bottom of the diode of return polarity in black.
221 Differs from generator G250 And others basically that the winding has a zero conclusion 85 which is connected to the relay of control of a charge. figure 67 is a symbol of a conclusion of a winding of excitation, and figure a 30-conclusion from the rectifier.

Appointment Repair Work Of malfunction Servicing
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