Appointment Repair Work Of malfunction Servicing
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Today, in world To electronics, we cannot present the life without portable Power supplies, and not simply portable, but compact which occupy millimetres, and at all thus, such sourceto have the big capacity.
We use power supplies Practically everywhere. (in cars, in Phones, in toys, small lamps, radio receivers, in Laptops, in Handheld computer, and even in computer mice.)
Power supplies:
- Battery. this kind Of power supply Can be used only once, that is to a full discharge. To charge so Named batteries it is impossible, for one reason: at use chemical the structure collapses, and, hence, there is simple not to that To be charged.
- echo ucfirst(strtolower($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']));. accumulators. this power supply more, is more actively used by consumers. cost Of accumulator In 4-5 times above a usual battery, but here huge plus, the father-in-law has once bought and use certain time. this time defines mah, that is
Gymnastics and discharge.
Of accumulators:
- - ( : It is possible to charge Only after full to a discharge )
- - (: It is possible to charge At any level of gymnastics)

Appointment Repair Work Of malfunction Servicing
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