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Maintenance service

 many owners of cars happen are sincerely surprised, when learn that The accumulator too Demands"servicing". it is regrettable, because a care and attention droplet can save up a heap of time and money.
Storage Batteries in many respects depend on timely and correct care it. the battery should be kept clean as pollution of its surface leads to its raised self-category. at maintenance service it is necessary to wipe a surface of batteries of 10 % a solution of liquid ammonia or soda then to wipe pure dry rags. during a charge as a result of chemical reaction the gases considerably raising pressure inside Of accumulatorsAre allocated. therefore ventilating apertures in stoppers need to be cleaned constantly a thin wire. considering that at battery work  detonating gas is formed (a mix of hydrogen with oxygen), it is impossible to examine the battery near to open fire in order to avoid explosion. it is periodically necessary to smooth out probes and plugs of wires.
Gymnastics . the electrolit prepares from Storage Sulfuric acid (density of 1,83 g/sm) and the distilled water. in plastic, ceramic, or a lead vessel at first pour water, then at continuous hashing acid.
AccumulatorsCollected after repair from discharged plates (electrodes), fill in with electrolit in density of 1,12 g/sm after cooling to temperature 25 0. filled in maintain during 2 - 4 hours.
For gymnastics use rectifiers of type or special units. gymnastics conduct a current equal 0,1 from capacity of the battery. pressure on everyone Accumulator Should be 2,7-3,0 v.vo gymnastics time supervise electrolit temperature. it should not rise above 45 0. if the temperature appears above, reduce a current or stop gymnastics for some time. finish gymnastics after plentiful gas evolution will begin, and the electrolit density is stabilised and will not change within 2 hours. after 30 minutes of endurance check electrolit density. if it does not correspond established For given Operation zones add in The accumulator distilled Water (when density above norm) or electrolit in density of 1,4 g/sm (if density below norm). after updating it is necessary to continue gymnastics within 30 minutes For hashing Of electrolit.
Storage Batteries check electrolit level, electrolit density, measure and pressure Of accumulators Under loading.
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- ( ). Of starting qualities Batteries. To estimation Of starting qualities Storage Of the battery apply following basic characteristics the category, measured at temperature of electrolit of 18 wasps: force of a digit current in and, pressure in the category beginning in in (it is measured on batteries with the plastic case on 30th second the category), category time in minutes (is measured at the category of a current numerically equal of 3 wasps to a voltage reduction of the battery to 6).
Of electrolit. Storage Batteries electrolit level gradually goes down, as water evaporates.
Storage Batteries. For restoration Of level of electrolit it is necessary to add only the distilled water.
AccumulatorsWhich are not demanding leaving that was structurally reduced to deaf hermetic sealing of the top cover. in due course this fashion has passed, as in case, for any reasons, electrolit loss nevertheless occurred, to add it already it was impossible.
For batteryHaving a jellied mouth (tube), should reach aperture bottom edge in a tube. For batteryWhich do not have a tube, electrolit level is defined by a glass tube. thus level should be on 5-10 mm above a safety guard. in the absence of a glass tube electrolit level can be checked up pure or a wooden stick. it is impossible to apply To this The purposes a metal core. at level fall it is necessary to add the distilled water, instead of electrolit as in the course of work of the battery water in electrolit decays and evaporates, and acid remains.
Storage Batteries. For this purpose A tip  lower in bulk aperture  Of accumulator, suck in electrolit by means of a rubber pear and on divisions of the float placed in a glass flask define size of density of electrolit and Storage Batteries.
, 1,40/.
- - : Accumulator Has been strongly fixed by degree.
+15 0 12 .
- 20 0 0.
( ). 1,1 /3 7 0, 1,22 /3 37 0 1.31 /3 66 0.

Gymnastics with The help of external means. gymnastics operation by external means (direct current rectifiers) is necessary only in case of long idle times of the car or abnormal a working condition. it is recommended to adhere to following rules:
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Appointment Repair Work Of malfunction echo ucfirst(strtolower($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']));. servicing
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