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Ag2O, AgO () (); KOH.
Accumulator Zinc is oxidised, turning in zno and zn (oh) 2, and silver is restored to metal. the total reaction proceeding at category Accumulator, it is possible to express approximately the equation:

AgO + Zn = Ag + ZnO

    ... charged serebrjano-zinc Accumulator Approximately it is equal 1,85 v.pri a voltage reduction to 1,25 in The accumulator charge. thus processes on electrodes "address": zinc is restored, silver is oxidised - the substances necessary Accumulator.

Kadmievo-nickel and iron-nickel again turn out.
; Accumulator Kn theyand in Accumulator - iron. the widest application have Accumulators kn.
echo ucfirst(strtolower($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']));. alkaline accumulators The core are issued with by electrodes. in them active weights are concluded in - flat boxes with apertures. the active weight of positive plates charged Accumulator Basically consists from nickel () Ni2O3 X h2o or NiOOH. besides, in it the graphite added For increase contains. the active weight of negative plates Of accumulators Kn consists of a mix of spongy cadmium with an iron powder, and Of accumulators - from a powder of the restored iron. as electrolit the solution the potassium, containing small amount LiOH.
Accumulator serves. at category Accumulator Cadmium is oxidised.

Cd + 2oh - = cd (it) 2 + 2e -

NiOOH Is restored:

2NiOOH + 2H2O + 2e-= 2Ni()2 + 2-

    on an external chain thus there is a carrying over from an electrode to the nickel. the kadmievyj electrode serves as the anode and is charged negatively, and nickel - by the cathode and is charged positively.
Accumulator Kn at its work, it is possible to express the equation which will turn out at addition of two last electrochemical equations:

2NiOOH + 2H2O + Cd = 2NI(OH)2 + CD(OH)2

    ... charged kadmievo-nickel Accumulator It is equal approximately 1,4 v.po to a measure of work (category) Accumulator Pressure on its clips falls. when it becomes more low 1, The accumulator charge.
Accumulator Electrochemical processes on its electrodes "address". on an electrode occurs Restoration of metal

Cd(OH)2 + 2e-= CD + 2OH-

On nickel - oxidation nickel ():

2Ni(OH)2 + 2OH-= 2NiOOH + 2H2O + 2e-

    total reaction at gymnastics is return the reaction proceeding at the category:

2Ni(OH)2 + Cd(OH)2 = 2NiOOH + 2H2O + Cd

Appointment Repair Work Of malfunction Servicing
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