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Short circuit inshort circuit inside arises between heteronymic electrodes because of accumulation at the bottom banks of the dropped out active substance, formation on edges of negative electrodes of the lead bridge (sponge) and as a result destruction of separators. these phenomena are possible at long a feather a charge of batteries, a charge currents of the big force, pollution and electrolit freezing. external signs of short circuit: very small .. with; fast rise in temperature at a charge; slow increase pressure at a charge and its fast falling at current deenergizing; fall of density of electrolit.
For elimination Of short circuit assort, replace the damaged separators and electrodes, delete a deposit and a sponge from edges of electrodes. after assemblage  charge with one recharge.

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1% .For reduction Of the self-category it is necessary to keep clean a battery surface (pollution form the current-carrying bridge between plugs), not to suppose "germination" of separators. if the electrolit is polluted, the battery needs to be discharged a current 0,1 from its capacity to pressure 1,1-1,2 in on everyone  Accumulator. thus extraneous metals and oxides  from electrodes pass in electrolit. then to pour out electrolit, to wash out the battery the distilled water, to fill in fresh electrolit in former density to charge.
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: A charge small Currents A charge on Currents; (1-2) A charge of battery A current, at 10-20 time an exceeding current of a usual charge, etc.
0,05 1,7 To charge current 0,03 from capacity. at achievement of density of electrolit 1,09 \sm pressure of everyone Accumulator Should be 2.3-2.4 v.esli it more low A charge stop, an electrolit part replace with the distilled water and after 2 one hour's intervals continue A charge that A current before achievement of density of 1,09g/sm and pressure 2,3-2,4 after that density lead up to normal and charge the battery a current 0,1 from capacity.
For restoration Of electrodes with deep, but not inveterate, from discharged to 1,7 in  merge electrolit and fill in in them the distilled water. in an hour Accumulator , having established a current so that pressure on conclusions of the 12-volt battery was 13,8 when the electrolit density will raise to 1,12g/sm, establish a current corresponding 0,2 from capacity of the battery. conduct prior to the beginning of gas evolution in all Accumulator And the terminations of increase in density of electrolit.  include a na1,5-2-hour discharge approximately the same current. a discharge and a gymnastics continue until the electrolit density raises.
Accumulator Before the others work ability of the battery will be defined by it Accumulator Which at the further category a feather and Will charge the return A current the others AccumulatorThat will lead to considerable voltage reductionat lagging behind Accumulator The electrolit density at a charge grows much more slowly, and temperature faster, than at the others Accumulator. the battery with such Accumulator Should be subjected 2-3- to a kontrolno-training cycle (charge-category).
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Accumulator Sulfuric acid (plotnost1,83g/sm) and the distilled water. in plastic, ceramic, or a lead vessel at first pour water, then at continuous hashing acid.
Accumulator, collected after repair from the discharged plates (electrodes), fill in with electrolit in density of 1,12g/sm after cooling to temperature 25. maintain during 2-4.
For gymnastics use rectifiers of type or special units. gymnastics conduct a current equal 0,1 from capacity of the battery. pressure on everyone Accumulator Should be 2,7-3,0 v.vo gymnastics time supervise electrolit temperature. it should not rise above 45. if the temperature appears above, reduce a current or stop gymnastics for some time. finish gymnastics after plentiful gas evolution will begin, and the electrolit density is stabilised and will not change within 2 hours. after 30 minutes of endurance check electrolit density. if it does not correspond established For given Zones of operation that add in Accumulator Water (when density above norm) or 1,4g/sm electrolit in density (if density below norm). updatings it is necessary to continue gymnastics within 30 minutes For hashing Of electrolit.

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