Appointment Repair Work Of malfunction Servicing
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The instruction on firm panasonic

Application - type: vw-vbf2.
-: 12
-: 2000 *.
( : From Accumulator From Videocameras From Accumulator In the charged condition)
Accumulator Also keep it For reception Of the information in the future.
"ORIGINAL VIDEO BATTERY" For videocameras panasonic ( From - From, Accumulator From ).
Videocameras Of an accessory with this symbol.

- The accumulator to The first use also recharge it immediately after use.
- From The accumulator only Together with videocamera Panasonic And entering into its completeness Device.
- The accumulator at The ranges of temperatures specified more low. From 0 40. From -15 50. From -15 40.
- From From Videocameras After its use. if to leave The accumulator attached From The accumulator will be discharged Too strongly that the accumulator not Accumulator.
- Can lead to reduction of service life Is used, store it in a dry and cool place.
- The accumulator in A current of long time we recommend To charge it Not less often than an once in 6 months.
- The accumulator can Heat up during gymnastics and after use. it is the normal phenomenon and does not speak about malfunction.

- From Videocameras.
- Accumulator Among themselves. it can lead to allocation of inflammable gas and cause explosion, a fire or to lead to reception of traumas.
- The accumulator and Do not make change to its design.
- The accumulator and Do not throw it in fire. it can lead to explosion. o at dismantling or destruction Accumulator From (), From From
- The accumulator in From From Accumulator From The accumulator in A ventilated place.
- The accumulator and Do not subject to its strong blows.
- The accumulator in Places of influence of a direct sunlight, near to the heating equipment or in the closed car in the afternoon. it can lead to deformation Accumulator.

Appointment Repair Work Of malfunction Servicing
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